AMERICA/BOLIVIA-Bishops' Message to the People of God: " Risen Christ, our great hope"

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Cochabamba (Agenzia Fides) - The 91st Assembly of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference, (BEC) (see Fides 05/05/2011, 10/05/2011) ended with the reading of a message to the people of God announced by His Exc . Archbishop Oscar Aparicio, Auxiliary Bishop of La Paz, General Secretary of the BEC, during a press conference, the message was read in the presence of Cardinal Julio Terrazas Sandoval, Archbishop of Santa Crux de la Sierra, President of CEB, and Mgr.Jesús Pérez, Archbishop of Sucre, Vice President of the BEC.
The document is titled " Risen Christ, our great hope" and summarizes the conclusions of the Assembly of Bishops of Bolivia, gathered from May 5 to 10. "From our analysis of social and ecclesial reality, we feel obliged to express our concerns and our desires" this is how the text of the messages begins, then lists the reasons for anxiety:
"We are concerned about the persistence of migration, which continue to affect families in Bolivia, especially in rural and marginal areas ... in many cases it causes family disintegration and the loss of cultural and social identity. " It is urgent to give young people an answer.
"The decision of the judges of the Supreme Court is an opportunity for the exercise of democracy ... It is important that the judiciary Power is accepted by the majority of the Bolivian people and is truly independent to exert justice with equanimity and provide peace to our country. "
"The theme of education remains a priority in our country if we want to get out of poverty and marginalization. For this we reaffirm our position expressed in the pastoral letter, ‘Education is everyone's responsibility, not only of the state, but especially of families and civil society'. "
The Bishops appreciate "the efforts and resources used by the authorities to raise awareness regarding ecological problems”, but note the lack of a careful project for the protection of the environment for present and future generations.
"There is a widespread feeling of insecurity among citizens, because of the growing violence against people, which gets to the point of taking one`s life. One has lost the sense of the sacredness of life, due to a relativistic mentality, with no human and Christian values, or ethical and moral principles. "
"Another issue on which we have reflected is the value of religious marriage, which is a divine and natural institution and Christ our Savior ratified as sacred. We appeal to fellow Catholics, especially those living in concubinage, to formalize their family situation. "
In the presentation of the document the Bishops state that "with the relaunch of the Permanent Mission we want to call all the baptized to put themselves in a state of mission, not to limit their evangelism to certain specific activities." (EC) (Agenzia Fides, 11/05 / 2011)