ASIA/CHINA - Pilgrimage and charity: Tian Jin pilgrims to Cang Zhou offer spiritual and material help to local orphans

Friday, 16 July 2004

Tian Jin (Fides Service) - Recently a group of 220 people from Xi Kai parish in Tian Jin, not far from Beijing, went on a pilgrimage to Cang Zhou in Hebei province led by assistant parish priest Father Li Dong. According to a local Catholic bulletin Faith, the pilgrims attended Mass with the local Catholics and afterwards visited two convents and the local Seminary of Cang Zhou diocese.
The visitors were welcomed by pilgrimage delegate Father Sun Quan-Xin who led adoration of the Eucharist and organised a meeting with the local community.
On the way back the pilgrims made a stop at St Joseph’s Orphanage run by a Service Group of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Theresa. They saw that many of the children were not orphans but disabled children who had been abandoned. The visitors stayed some while talking to the little patients and before leaving they left an offering in money presented to the orphanage director by Father Li Dong. The money will go to buy milk, clothing, sugar and sweets. The pilgrims returned from their journey strengthened in faith and love happy to have made friends with another Catholic community and experienced communion with the whole Church. (Agenzia Fides 16/07/2004 Lines: 22 Words: 242)