AFRICA/KENYA - Bishops appeal for food for the people hard-hit by drought

Monday, 21 March 2011

Nairobi (Agenzia Fides) - “Emergency Response Fund for Kenya 2011 Drought Appeal” is the appeal recently launched by the Archbishop of Nairobi, Cardinal John Njue, on behalf of the Bishops of Kenya, for the 2.1 million inhabitants in some of the Catholic dioceses of the country which have been hit hard by the drought. The food appeal is addressed to all archbishops, religious superiors of Kenya (RSCK), Association of sisterhood of Kenya (AOSK) and KEC-Kenya Episcopal Conference, Kenya Catholic Secretariat (KCS) commissions and institutions.
In the message sent to Fides by the Catholic Information Service for Africa, it says: “As you are aware, Kenya is facing a very difficult time as a result of the drought which has hit the country following failure of the 2010 short rains.” The current drought situation in Kenya, the bishop’s explains, is characterized by food shortages, increasing food prices, lack of water, crop failure, migration and conflict, malnutrition, children dropping out of school, starvation and death. “We are all deeply concerned by this crisis and suffering of many Kenyans as a result of the current drought. Our concern is that of millions of vulnerable people who are facing the risk of starvation and the loss of livelihood of many communities as a result of the crisis,” the Bishops stated.
The bishops have appealed to all to join hands in solidarity to ensure that these Kenyans do not continue suffering from starvation and hunger through food and financial donations to be channelled through outstations, parishes, dioceses and other church structures. According to the Bishops, the most affected areas include those of farmers in the north, north-east and south (Maasai rangelands) as well as the marginal agricultural households in the coastal and south-eastern lowlands of the country. (AP) (21/3/2011 Agenzia Fides)