ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Living the family and love with a faith dimension: local Church focuses on education of youth

Friday, 9 July 2004

Seoul (Fides Service) - Hedonism, secularisation, moral relativism, are endemic ills in Korean society which often affect the decisions of young Koreans in their personal and social life. With this in mind this year 2004 the Church in Korea is giving special attention to pastoral care of the family, married life and love, in preparation for the Assembly of Asian Bishops’ Conferences in August in Seoul on the theme of the Family in Asia.
The Church’s efforts in this field include a programme of education to love for young people which deals with the subject from all aspects, engagement, human sexuality, gift of self, vocation discernment and intends to help young people to live inter-personal relations and the choice of a partner in the light of the faith.
The programme called “Teenstar” aims not only to increase awareness among the young people with in-depth instruction in the physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of human love but also to reach the parents. Sr. Marie Jean Bare, in charge of the programme said “formation in this field can never be short term it implies education to a vision of love in long term programmes”. “Many of the young people who attend our formation meetings have benefited and today have a happy relational life. They have discovered that a healthy spiritual life of intimacy with God leads to happiness in the relationship of a couple”.
She said that “Teenstar” programme is spreading fast involving increasing numbers of young people Catholics and non, and is proving to be also a channel for evangelisation.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 9/7/2004 lines 23 words 234)