AMERICA/HAITI - Between violence and cholera: “the situation is dramatic. Help us, here they need everything”

Monday, 13 December 2010

Port au Prince (Agenzia Fides) - “The situation is deteriorating further and further on the island. We have already arrived at 2,100 dead and we are taking about 400,000 infections and 200,000 deaths if this pandemic continues without being stopped”, Father Antonio Menegon, Head of the Camillian Mission in Haiti, revealed to Fides (see Fides 26/11/2010). “The situation is dramatic, for the violence also raging throughout the country following the outcome of the elections. Everything is closed and blocked,” said Fr Menegon. Ports and airports are closed, there are very few flights. Because of the violence, the United States and Canada have closed their embassies. The stores have been besieged. We cannot supply medicines or oil, everything is closed.”

The Camillian missionary continued: “Our hospital continues to welcome people sick with cholera. Some have died, others recovered. In one family, during a funeral vigil where they did not know that the dead had died of cholera, 25 have died. We working with other hospitals to try to curb these emergencies, but everything is very complicated. Disinfectant, antibiotics and other medicine is being sent to cope with the cholera from the Camillian Province in Turin. There are many problems and the situation is getting worse.”

Father Crescenzo Mazzella in Haiti reveals that they have received the medicines sent by air with the Red Cross nurses, but supplies are increasingly problematic. “The situation is dramatic.” says Fr Crescenzo, “Help us, here they need everything, but also that God turns his gaze to Haiti.” From another Camillian in Jeremie, Fr Massimo, comes the report that there are already 500 confirmed dead but that there is certainly double this number, because the entire country is infected. Even in the religious houses there are sick and dying. In public hospitals there are thousands of abandoned and infected people. (AM/AP) (Agenzia Fides 13/12/2010)