ASIA/CHINA - Twenty days of intensive formation for 102 catechists from parishes in Liao Ning

Monday, 5 July 2004

Liao Ning (Fides Service) -The Liao Ning Community Formation Centre in Liao Ning (north east China) holds courses for priests, religious and laity, catechists in particular. As every year before the Summer the Centre offered an intensive faith formation course attended by 102 catechists from various parishes.
In twenty days of course the participants studied the Bible, listened to talks by priests and researchers in Religious Science and engaged in reflection. Subjects for reflection focused on passages from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, basic theology and liturgy. Under the guidance of priests the participants took part in a Taize Community Prayer, a prayer vigil for world peace, the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and several moments of sharing. The catechists who took the course confirmed that it was a good experience, which helped them to grow in faith and spirit of mission.
(Agenzia Fides 05/07/2004 Lines: 17 Words: 174)