ASIA/HONG KONG - Peaceful rally and prayers to support democracy in Hong Kong: - Intervention by Bishop Joseph Zen, Bishop of Hong Kong

Thursday, 1 July 2004

Hong Kong (Fides Service) - Peaceful demonstrations for democracy and shared prayers among all Christians in Hong Kong marked the 7th anniversary of the hand over when the former British colony returned under Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997. Thousands will take part in street demonstrations pro-democracy. Moreover the local Christians, about 10,000 have organised a prayer meeting which will be presided by the Catholic Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, Methodist Pastor Ralph Lee Ting-sun and Reverend Eric So Shing-yit of the Christian Council of Hong Kong
For the occasion Bishop Zen said in an article in the diocesan newspaper Sunday Examiner that Catholics would be taking part in the rally which was not a ‘procession of celebration’ but a ‘peaceful protest’.
Civil rights organisation focused attention on the defence of popular election of the governor and universal vote in keeping with the principle ‘one country two systems’ sanctioned seven years ago.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 1/7/2004 lines 18 words 223)