AFRICA/TOGO - The Order of St John of God Hospitaller Brothers in Afagnan, nominated “Ambassador of Health ”

Friday, 7 May 2010

Afagnan (Agenzia Fides) - The World Health Organisation has chosen the Order of St John of God Hospitaller Brothers in Afagnan as Ambassador of Health. The title was presented to Brother Pascal Ahodegnon, general director and doctor at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital, for the care which the hospital gives to some of the poorest people in Togo.
Saint Jean De Dieu Hospital is situated at Afagnan, circa 90 km from the capital Lomè and 30 km from the Atlantic coast. The hospital, built in the shape of a pomegranate the symbol of the Order's founder St John of God, was opened in 1964. It departments include: general medicine, obstetrics-gynaecology, paediatrics, surgery, laboratories, radiology. When built, in one of the poorest areas and a population of 100,000 people, the hospital had 82 beds. Today the number of beds has increased to 269. In 2008 the hospital offered assistance to about 15,000 patients, including 8,500 in-patients. Today the hospital personnel consists of 202 lay doctors and nurses and 17 men and women religious. The hospital receives no state funds: it is supported solely by the Order's Generalate and the Lombardo Veneta Province, and contributions from associations. More than 15% of the patients have no means of paying and for them treatment is free.
The 2010 edition of World Health Day Campaign, launched by the World Health Organisation focussed on the issue of urbanisation: ‘1000 cities, 1000 lives’ the slogan. The aim was to increase awareness in 1000 cities to improve the quality of life by holding forums to discuss health and launch specific campaigns for the use of public spaces. The project hopes to discover 1000 stories of “examples of urban healthcare” which distinguish themselves for activity and initiatives to improve health in their city. (AP) (7/5/2010 Agenzia Fides)
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