AFRICA/TANZANIA - New project meets maternity and neonatal emergencies in Tosamaganga village

Tosamaganga (Agenzia Fides) – A new project recently started in Tanzania by the Italian organisation CUAMM, Medici con l’Africa, (Doctors with Africa) aims to tackle maternity and neonatal emergencies in Tosamaganga, a village in the Iringa region, where in every 100,000 deliveries, 163 mothers and 560 infants die. The project will include the building of a delivery room and the modernisation of the existing operating theatre in the village hospital, the purchase of equipment to guarantee maternity and neonatal emergency care, the presence of an obstetric surgeon for the duration of the project and regular supplies of drugs and consumer material necessary for the hospital, and outlying health centres and dispensaries. The direct beneficiaries will include 9,500 mothers and their newborn infants. Indirectly however, in the whole of the surrounding area, beneficiaries will be some 52,000 women of child bearing age and 10,500 babies under 12 months of age. (AP) (4/5/2010 Agenzia Fides)

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