ASIA/HOLY LAND - All the Churches of Jerusalem in prayer for peace and reconciliation

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Jerusalem (Agenzia Fides) – On Saturday, April 10, at 6pm (local time) at the Church of the Annunciation of the Greek Melkite Catholic Patriarchate in Jerusalem, there will be a great prayer of intercession that will unite the Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics in asking for the grace of reconciliation, unity, and peace. All Christians around the world are invited to join the Church of Jerusalem spiritually for this great prayer of intercession for our time.
As a note sent to Fides communicating the initiative says, Jerusalem is the historical place where Salvation was accomplished through Christ and the birthplace of the Church under the inspiration of the Spirit. The vocation of Jerusalem is thus that of being a starting point, but it is also a place of great contrasts and tensions: the Holy City and the Mother Church are in urgent need of spiritual support and the constant prayer of the whole Church to remain faithful to their vocation. This prayer initiative was started during a night vigil of prayer at the Holy Sepulchre in 2005, and has now gained ground. The prayer will be broadcast live on the television in the Middle East and in Europe, and later aired in South and North America, followed by a documentary on the Church in Jerusalem. The two previous vigils were held respectively at the Syrian Orthodox Church and at the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The next will be hosted by the Armenian Orthodox Church. (SL) (Agenzia Fides 8/4/2010)