EUROPE/AUSTRIA - Missio echoes appeal from a Haitian youth: “Please, keep Haiti in your prayers! It is very important!”

Vienna (Agenzia Fides) – Two weeks after the earthquake, dramatic images of Haiti's devastation are still seen in the stricken areas: the small rescue miracles contrast the increasing number of victims and the dramatic consequences of aftershocks. From the devastated country, a Haitian youth named Richard makes an appeal to the Pontifical Mission Societies of Austria (Missio Austria): "Since my country has sunk into chaos of January 12 in the earthquake's duration of 5 seconds, I saw decades of work destroyed. Hope also seemed to tumble down. There is no more money, no jobs, no houses, for tens of thousands of people, no water, no food, no power... I did not know that aftershocks could be so strong: I sleep all night with my heart pounding and when I fall asleep, the earth trembles and I stop breathing.” Despite the desperate situation, Richard believes in the power of prayer: "Prayer gives me strength and confidence. I pray that you all may remember Haiti in your prayers. I ask the faithful around the world to pray for Haiti on every 12th day of the month. Do not hesitate, it is very important!"
The National Director of Pontifical Mission Societies in Austria, Fr. Leo Maasburg, sent a note to Fides, saying: "We welcome this touching appeal and we invite everyone to join our prayer. In the darkest hours prayer offers instant spiritual help and gives light, hope, consolation, and solidarity." The National Director also thanked all those who in recent days have contributed with their donations and through the collections for Haiti in the parishes around the country, making it possible to send emergency aid to people affected by the earthquake. (MS) (Agenzia Fides 28/01/2010)

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