ASIA/BANGLADESH - “The crucifix on the shirt pocket, an instrument of mission among non-believers” - the experience of a Xaverian missionary in Bangladesh

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dacca (Agenzia Fides) - "For me, Bangladesh is the land of the Suffering Servant. Showing people the crucifix does not only imply a sign of faith, but a plausible answer to the big question of human suffering," said Xaverian missionary Fr. Silvano Garello, to Agenzia Fides, speaking out of his now forty years' experience of the mission among non-Christians.
"The apostles Peter and Paul to the Romans brought the Good News of a God who is not indifferent to human suffering, so much so, that filling it with His love He has turned it into an instrument of salvation. Our life is marked by a mystery: God so loved mankind that He gave his only Son so that they may have life. With the sign of the cross, the believer accepts this love in an ever-new manner."
"The small crucifix pinned on my pocket accompanied me as a missionary not only in Bangladesh but also in Nepal, Tibet, China, and Russia. In many cases, it was like a spark to create a dialogue about the meaning of life. When people come to know that Jesus Christ died forgiving his executioners, then they can better understand that Jesus is not just a companion to the unjustly condemned, but He is also the one who takes away the sins of the world."
"Especially children want to touch my little crucifix. Perhaps they feel a secret desire that his hand reached out towards them. I believe that my small crucifix, accompanied by a smile, is the best 'business card' to present in a family, a school, a hospital or in talking to people who I meet on the street. I hope that in seeing me, they will see Him." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 19/11/2009)