ASIA/CHINA - Preparing for World Mission Sunday: permanent formation of the youth responsible for evangelization groups in the Diocese of Han Dan

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Han Dan (Agenzia Fides) – For the youth leaders of the evangelization groups in the Diocese of Han Dan, in the Province of He Bei, the long vacation for the national holiday was transformed into an occasion for spiritual enrichment, with the opening of the Month of the Missions, to celebrate World Mission Sunday with greater enthusiasm and awareness. The 38 young people active in the local Church participated in a brief but intense permanent formation course on Love, on the mission, and on the path of faith. The course took place October 4-7, and the youth gave up their tourist vacation and the celebrations with their friends, because as one of them said: “we have an encounter with Christ, who is more important.”
“This experience that has helped us on our faith journey towards World Mission Day...” That was how the youth described it. In fact, in the fairly active Catholic community of Han Dan the youth play an important role, thanks to the promotion of their importance in the mission and the pastoral work of the priests. The priests also take special care in overseeing the formation of the youth leaders with their many activities, such as youth camps or inviting a priest from Hong Kong or the mainland to give a course in formation or a spiritual retreat for them. The 4th Youth Camp, which ended not long ago, was on “Putting Out Into the Deep,” so that “the youth may grow in their knowledge of Jesus and their responsibility in the life of the Church.” (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 14/10/2009)