ASIA/CINA - The Catholic Church in China helps poor children to continue their studies

Wednesday, 2 June 2004

Zun Yi (Fides Agency) - The local Church in the province of Gui Zhou, the poorest area in Continental China, always focused much of its attention on child education. The catholic community has built schools, offering the chance to poor families to send their children to school. In 2003, solely through Fr Long Cheng Zhong, who is a priest in the diocese of Zun Yi, the most important city in Gui Zhou, the local Church offered scholarships allowing 78 students from kindergarten, middle school, high school and university to complete their studies. Furthermore, thanks to contributions for about 720,000 yuan, Fr Long has started building other five schools in the area. They will be provided also with efficient hydraulic systems, so students and teachers will have clean drinking water.(PA) (Fides Agency 2/6/2004 lines 14 words141)