Friday, 6 June 2003

Lahore (Fides Service) – The National WAVE Recording Studio in Lahore, established by the Commission for Social Communications of Lahore archdiocese, has issued a new SEEKHO AUR SIKHAO cassette containing Basic Catholic Catechism for families, Sunday School children, youth, Catechists and religion teachers. The cassette was produced at the request of parishes, associations and congregations which voiced the need for basic Catholic teaching in an user-friendly form of social communications.
The cassette was produced under the supervision of Father Nadeem John Shakir, director of WAVE Studio. Appreciation was expressed to WAVE Director by Archbishop Saldhana of Lahore, and many religious and laity. WAVE studio, using update technology, produces and distributes music, audio material, radio programmes for catechesis and liturgical animation.
Lahore archdiocese is very active in the field of communications. To mark World Communications Day this year the archdiocese hosted a Media and Peace Seminar organised by the Indian Bishops’ national Commission for Social Communications. The event was attended by Christians and Muslims, with a total of 80 participants from every walk of life.
The Seminar highlighted the importance of the media in economic, political and social life and they have a responsibility to promote nationalism and condemn religious fundamentalism.
Peter Jacob, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ National Commission for Justice and Peace said that policies that create disorder in society create division among people but media can be used to bridge the gap. Archbishop Lawrence Saldhana of Lahore, chairman of the organising commission, reminded those present that the media “give people a real opportunity to live in the global village. They affect human thinking and behaviour, they play a positive role by changing the way people think, and as the Pope has suggested, they must fulfil their mission to be at the service of peace”. PA (Fides Service 6/6/2003 EM lines 34 Words: 370)