AMERICA/MEXICO - “To promote new evangelisation it is necessary to be open to pastoral conversion which requires a change of mindset, attitudes… and persevering docility to the Spirit who changes hearts” say Catholic Bishops of Mexico in a Message

Friday, 30 April 2004

Mexico City (Fides Service) - During their 77th plenary assembly the Catholic Bishops of Mexico, reflected on how to live, as a Bishops’ Conference, the calling to holiness, pastoral conversion and spirituality of communion. “These realities affect our very mission as Bishops”, the prelates say in their final message issued by the Conference on 23 April “The Risen Christ calls us to holiness, pastoral conversion and communion”.
The Bishops say that the aim of their meeting was to discern God’s will for them and how to make the encounter with the living Christ the point of departure for their life and pastoral work. They also say they intend to renew administrative and pastoral structures of the Bishops’ Conference to facilitate collegiality.
To promote new evangelisation, the Message says, it is necessary to be open to pastoral conversion which requires a change of mindset, attitudes and behaviour, and therefore persevering docility to the Spirit who changes hearts and converts communities making them eloquent signs of different ways of thinking and living. The complex phenomenon of globalisation, cultural changes, the powerful influence of the media and the many changes facing all sectors of Mexican society, according to the Bishops, are a challenge to their pastoral creativity, the sensitivity as believers and their missionary spirit.
With regard to a spirituality of communion the Bishops say this demands better relations among themselves, and among dioceses and more collaboration with other non-church instances in a climate of respect and dialogue presenting coherently the principles and criteria of our faith.
“The present situation in Mexico call for responsible and persevering participation of individuals and institutions in order to obtain the changes which the country needs” the Bishops say renewing their commitment to work for the good of all Mexicans particularly the weaker and poorer sectors, in conformity with their mission. Urging the faithful to fulfil their duties as citizens and Christians, the Bishops promise to work harder to guarantee religious education in the different areas, spiritual assistance in public health care centres and rehabilitation centres, and for more commitment in the means of social communications.
The message ends recalling the 48th International Eucharistic Congress planned for October in Guadalajara: “As Jesus transformed his disciples at Emmaus with his presence, we too want to walk with the people of God to the International Eucharistic Congress, certain that he walks with us as light and life in the new millennium”. (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 30/4/2004; Righe 34; Parole 459)