ASIA/IRAQ - “It is time for the Arab world to condemn acts of terrorism like the brutal killing of one Italian hostages ” says Father Nizar

Thursday, 15 April 2004

Baghdad (Fides Service)- “I am deeply grieved by the murder of Fabrizio Quattrocchi” Nizar Semaan, a Iraqi Catholic priest in Mosul told Fides who voiced his condolences for the killing of the Italian hostage in Iraq. “Unfortunately I think abductors of the Italians are connected with the Al Qaida organisation judging from the way the man was killed. If the captors were Iraqi Sunni Muslims there might be more hope for their release; if the abductors were Shi’ite Muslims I think the story would have been different, because at the moment they seem inclined to dialogue with the temporary Iraqi government in an attempt to calm the waters after the clashes provoked by Mugtada al Sadr”.
“This barbarous killing might have been avoided if the Arab countries had taken a clear and firm position with regard to terrorism” dice p. Nizar. “I have not heard any firm condemnation of terrorism from either the Arab League or the Muslim League. They make subtle distinctions but there is never any clear condemnation of violent acts such as the killing of an unarmed hostage or people waiting at a bus stop”.
“According to the local press, many Iranians of Iraqi origin have requested Iraqi citizenship and so our country will be ever more exposed to foreign influence” Father Nizar told Fides. “This will also increase the number of Shi’ite Muslims who are already the majority and upset Iraq’s demographic balance. Iranians are buying land, houses and hotels particularly in southern Iraq”. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 15/4/2004, righe 23 parole 273)