AFRICA/SOMALIA - Fundamentalists target westerners. 5,000 dollars for a foreigner’s head

Thursday, 15 April 2004

Mogadishu (Fides Service) - According to reliable Fides’ sources in Mogadishu Al Qaida plans use local fundamentalist recruits to target westerners in Somalia. “Behind the murder of Italian medical doctor Annalena Tonelli, in October 2003 in northern Somalia and the killing of two British volunteers shortly afterwards, there is a precise plan to dissuade westerners from operating in this country” the local sources told Fides. “Two weeks ago it was the turn of the German Government Agency for Cooperation. Gunmen opened fire on the vehicle of the German State agency killing the Kenyan driver and wounding a German official”.
Fides can reveal the price list. “Foreign terrorists present in Somalia, offer 5,000 US dollars for every foreigner murdered. The family of a suicide bomber receives 25,000 US dollars” local sources told Fides. “The terrorists speculate on the poverty of the people to recruit unskilled terror workers. Fortunately, most Somali refuse the temptation of money for murder and keep clear of the extremists although there will always be someone willing to kill for money”. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 15/4/2004, righe 19 parole 221)