ASIA/INDIA - Popular Bible Correspondence Course in Santali language launched by two Catholics in Bangalore

Wednesday, 14 April 2004

Bangalore (Fides Service) - The first Bible Correspondence Course in the Santali language has been launched in India to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and the teachings of his Gospel. The initiative was undertaken by two Catholics in Bangalore, Karnataka state, Jesuit Father Chrysostom Hembron and lay man Prof. Habil Musmn. Santali is spoken mainly in central India.
The Bible course has been well received Father Hembrom told Fides especially because its style is simple and easy to read and understand even for an ordinary literate Santali.
The two men worked for more than a year to translate and adapt a series of ten “Meet Christ” booklets in English. Much effort was made to prepare the correspondence course on Jesus Christ and the Bible by making sure the Santali culture and idioms are truly reflected in the translation. The authors hope with their course to help evangelisation among Santali Indians.
Santali, one of 11 languages of the Munda family, is spoken by about 3.7 million people in central India. In this group of 11 languages Santali is the only one which is also written.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 14/4/2004 lines 25 words 253)