ASIA/PAKISTAN - Muslims and Christians called to share solidarity projects: 430 people attend meeting organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Commission for Interreligious Dialogue

Friday, 12 March 2004

Kasur (Fides Service) - Working together on solidarity projects is a way to strengthen relations between Christians and Muslims: this was affirmed by an interreligious assembly of more than 430 people including Muslim and Christian leaders, held in Kasur, on 6 March. The Meeting was organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Commission for Interreligious Dialogue
The participants voiced appreciation for Pakistan government’s efforts to promote national unity and integration of the minorities and to eliminate discrimination, condemning all forms of terrorism and violence perpetrated in the name of religion.
Father Nadeem, secretary of the Commission told those present that Muslims and Christians are called to work together to help the poor regardless of race, language, culture or religion and to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the country. The Muslims present agreed with him and said they are willing to join Christians in promoting peace and harmony in Pakistan “since the state of Pakistan was created there have never been any serious problems of coexistence between Muslims and Christians. We have always lived side by side in peace and we will continue to do so”.
Addressing the meeting, Abdul Khabeer Azad, director of Badshahi Mosque a Lahore said: “Mahommet and Jesus taught peace”, and he add “all religious minorities in Pakistan can rely on Muslim solidarity”.
The participants pledged to plan join initiatives of social assistance and to continue working to promote reconciliation in the tormented are of Kashmir which is nearing pace after fifty years of conflict.(PA) (Agenzia Fides 12/3/2004 lines 31 words 269)