Wednesday, 28 January 2004

Goa (Fides Service) – “Goa archdiocese will give special attention in the coming years to pastoral of social communications, as requested by the last assembly of the Indian Bishops’ Conference”: newly appointed Archbishop of Goa, Archbishop Filipe Neri do Rosario Ferrão, told Fides commenting a recent initiative undertaken by a Jesuit College in Goa in which the students are involved in setting up a small Catholic radio station. This is possible after a federal law with regard to private broadcasting stations came into force in 1999.
This will be the first private radio in the region of Goa which adopted the law only in 2003. The idea is to use the radio to spread the Gospel and diffuse Christian values and tolerance in relations between members of different religions. The students are working on the structures and technology and hope soon to start broadcasting.
Archbishop Filipe Neri do Rosario Ferrão said that the local Church is determined to increase apostolate and interreligious dialogue through the means of social communications. The Diocese has its own Communications Centre run by Father Olavo Perreira, who has promoted various similar initiatives. Other elements of pastoral to which Goa archdiocese intends to give special attention included: ongoing formation of clergy, religious and laity and to consolidating Basic Church Communities in parishes; social apostolate .
Goa, situated on the west coast of India, is where Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552), landed in 1542 and begun his mission to evangelise the Far East.
(PA) (Fides Service 28/1/2004 lines 29 words 273)