ASIA/INDIA - With the new Prepositor General the Society of Jesus looks towards Asia

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Calcutta (Agenzia Fides) - With the election of Fr Adolfo Nicolás as the 30th Superior General, the Society of Jesus has shown it intends to focus more attention on evangelisation in Asia. This is the conviction of Fr George Pattery, Jesuit provincial of Calcutta, in Rome for the 35th Congregation of the Jesuits.
Fr George says: “I think Fr. Nicolas will be a sort of John XXIII for the Society of Jesus”. Spanish born Fr. Nicolas, was president of the Jesuit Conference East Asia and Oceania and former Provincial of Japan. Fr. George, who has worked with him says: “He is a committed Jesuit and will give new inspiration and hope to us all. His heart beats for Asia but he is family with both east and west”.
The Jesuits in Asia appreciated what Fr. Nicolas wrote recently in a Jesuit publication: "Asia has much to offer the Church and the Church has must to offer Asia. There is much to be done, perhaps we have not bee ncourageous enough”.
“Perhaps we are too content with life instead of improving our service and ministry. It is important to know how people see our religious life”, said Fr Nicolas, calling for “dynamic and open reflection to recreate the Society for our times, for quality of service and personal and community witness in the Church and in the world ”.
“Fr. Nicolas is considered an expert in interreligious dialogue”, said Fr. Pattery and this will be an important element to discern the right form of presence, pastoral service and evangelisation on the vast continent of Asia. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 24/1/2008 righe 26 parole 264)