AMERICA/MEXICO - The local Catholic Churches issues Declaration on the Human Rights of the Unborn Child

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - A Declaration on the Human Rights of the Unborn Child has been signed by civil organisations, mothers and fathers, representatives of the local Catholic Church, legislators and political leaders in Mexico.
The declaration was promoted by Mgr Pedro Agustín Rivera Díaz who indicated 10 principles for which the unborn child has the right to be recognised as a person.
During the presentation Mexican MP Beatriz Eugenia García stressed the need to reform the General Health Law to extend the definition of person to the unborn child.
The initiative could bear fruit. On 6 June as a priest and a chemist, Mgr Pedro Agustín Rivera presented a proposal for a Declaration on the Human Rights of the Unborn Child.
The purpose was to bring together at least 100 specialists in law, bio-ethics, medicine and education to examine from every point of view the right to life of the person at the moment of conception.
To foster a culture which respects the human person from conception to natural death, a proposal was made to make December 8 the World Day for the Unborn Child. The Declaration will be presented at the national and international levels to various institutions including the United Nations Organisation and UNESCO.
(AP) (4/9/2007 Agenzia Fides; Righe:24; Parole:260)